Monday, July 20, 2009

Pete Olson Favors Healthcare Reform?


Hey, I thought this teabagging excuse for a Congressman was just going to say “No” again over healthcare reform. But now I read in FortBendNow that he “favors a plan.”

From FortBendNow:

“I will continue to urge my colleagues to put forth a plan that ensures personal decisions, not government run health care,” Olson said. “And I will not support a plan that raises taxes on small businesses or individuals”

Olson seems to imply that the healthcare system is broken and needs reform of some type. Just not reform offered by the majority party.

A majority party elected by a majority of Americans.

A majority of Americans that favor health care reform in the same numbers that elected Barack Obama and all of those congressmen.

Yep, according to this USA Today/Gallup Poll released last July 14th, 56% of Americans favor healthcare reform. 53% of Americans voted Democratic in 2008. The same poll says that 71% of those who identify themselves as Republicans (a diminishing number these days) were against healthcare reform.

That is where I thought Pete Olson was, but no, FortBendNow says that he wants a plan.

Or so he says.

Frankly, I think he was speaking to those 55% of Independents and that 23% of Republicans who favor healthcare reform. He knows he’s got those who oppose healthcare reform in the bag but not necessarily the ones who favor it.

And in CD 22, which is bluing up with each passing election, saying that you favor some form of healthcare reform could mean the difference between being a one-term Congressman and getting vested in the federal pension plan.


Anonymous said...

TX22 is "bluing up"?

He beat an incumbent Democratic who ran with a strong Democratic President on the ballot. Yeah, that's real blue.

Olson could be as conservative as he wants in that district, at least until 2012 when redistricting takes effect.

Hal said...

Yeah, Anon, bluing up. The demographic shift is public record. Obama lost Fort Bend County by 7000 votes. In 2006 that would have been news. Your effete party's dominance here is nearly history.

Anonymous said...

Now boys, boys....stop the soccer match. It accomplishes nothing and only serves the man standing behind the curtain.

Anonymous said...

Democratic President (note: how many prime time news conferences does it take to make his case?)

Democratic controlled House.

Democratic controlled Senate.

Who is to blame for stalemate on health care reform?

Hal said...

Two words. Max Baucus. A small d democrat who has gotten re-elected time and time again by voting like a Republican.

And Republican Senators who are using this as a political football rather than get something done.

Anonymous said...

A single Republican vote is not needed. Didn't Senator Franken give the Democrats a 60 vote supermajority in Senate?

Get your party in line and nothing will stop you.

This has nothing to do with Republicans. They are powerless--remember.

Anonymous said...

People backed O'bama and the dems because they thought they would end the corruption of the republicans. Now they are learning that neither party can be trusted. This is a dangerous notion in a country that forces taxpayers to support these two parties only. Nothing like political monopoly!

Anonymous said...

Democrats are trying to go forward, but its the few blue dog democrats that are holding them up. These "blue dogs", or just plain "dogs" as I would call them, have the same agenda as republicans.