Monday, July 27, 2009

Water, Water Nowhere

So I haven’t been posting anything on the blog lately, you may have noticed. I decided that I had had enough hot dry weather in Southeast Texas so I got myself on a plane and headed back to Paradise on Earth. The state of my origin. California.

Only to find that they also are experiencing hot, dry weather.

El Niño is firmly in place and that drives the weather pattern to the north.

Here, they are worried that they will have a warm winter so that while it will rain in the north, it won’t snow. And they rely on their snowpack for their water supply.

Preparations are afoot, then, for water rationing.

I visited a newlywed couple that I know here last weekend and saw that they had already done some preparations for a dry spell. They ripped out their water-loving grass and planted xeriscape.

No, the kids can’t play on it and the dog can’t poop on it, but since they have no kids but own two cats, problem solved.

When I get to a place where I can upload a photo you'll be able to see what they're doing to save water in California.

UPDATE: Here it is.

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Patriot Missive said...

Beautiful! I have a house in Prescott, Arizona with similar planting. It is loonngg over due in our Home Owner Associations here in Sugar Land and Texas as a whole! Lawn grass should be outlawed in most if not all parts of the planet. Why would we harvest something every week and then not eat it?