Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The Inside Man

Oh, this is timely. I just had a dental procedure today and I am not up to my usual drollery. The Lone Star Project, however, has bailed me out.

They just put up on You Tube a short movie about the scandalous behavior of Harris County Tax Assessor Collector Leo Vasquez (although I am betting that former Tax Collector Paul Bettencourt has his dirty little hands in this, too), who harbors an “Inside Man” in protecting Associate Voter Registrar Ed Johnson.

Johnson is actually a Republican paid political consultant who works for State Rep Duane Bohac’s political consulting company Campaign Data Systems, previously blogged on here a month ago.

He is directly responsible for 83,000 Harris County voters not being able to vote last November.

And very probably responsible for the election of several of his clients through his work as “The Inside Man” at the Harris County registrar’s office.

You just can’s miss this, it makes the case for voter suppression (and even voter fraud) so well to a dark and ominous music score, you have to see it.

So here it is embedded below.


Anonymous said...

yes there is enough local voter fraud to go around. it's time to end tax subsidized pol parties or support all parties. monopolies in economics or politics is pretty piss poor practice and leaves the masses excluded from the process (by design).

Anonymous said...

Looks like the same template they use here in this county.