Thursday, July 09, 2009

Only God Can Judge Me

In the news out of Denton, Texas we hear that a fan of Jesus and tattoos takes his recently acquired tat seriously to heart.

Said gentleman ran up a $200 tab getting a brand new tattoo similar to the one shown on the right, praying hands with the words “Only God Can Judge Me” emblazoned around them.

And when presented with the bill, our pious tat-bearing Christian presented his charge card which was promptly declined by the charge company. And possibly in remembrance of what the Savior of the World said about moneychangers, our pious tat-loving Christian, along with his newly acquired message, promptly ran out of the tattoo parlor.

After all, if the message is to be believed there is only one entity in the entire universe that can judge this guy. And how could He fault a guy who volunteers to be a human billboard to bring His message to this sinful world?

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