Sunday, July 05, 2009

Michael Jackson – A Personal Recollection

No, I never knew him. And no, I don’t especially like his music. But yes, I still can’t believe he attained 50 years of age. He will forever be in my mind a teenager. I don’t know why, maybe it was his voice which was way too high for a mature man. Or maybe it was because he never seemed to act his age.

His eternal face alterations probably come into play in there somewhere as well.

But I do have a personal memory of him and I thought I’d share it today, 2 days before his LA memorial.

Years ago, 15 or 16 of them, I took my family to Disneyland on New Year’s Eve. This wasn’t a usual thing. It was a one-off thing, mainly to make up for past slights to my son. My son had the unfortunate occasion to be born on New Year’s Eve. So in years prior he was often left with a baby sitter on his birthday.

Not that year. That year we went all out for him. Disneyland was having an all night party and we stayed as long as we could.

And also, that day Michael Jackson was there. He was going to perform in front of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle that evening (we stayed to see that, along with about 50,000 others).

But he spent the day riding the rides.

And that was where we encountered him. On “Peter Pan’s Flight

The line was long but we slowly wended our way around it, and nearing the front, out popped Michael Jackson from the side.

Celebrities don’t have to stand in line.

He was all smiles, waved to the crowd. Two Hispanic girls in front of us called out “Michael! Michael!” He got into the ride's boat-like conveyance with the young boy that he was famously, and later infamously, paling around with, and off they went.

The excitement died for a bit until the exit doors banged open and again Michael and the boy appeared. Out they popped and disappeared into the “backstage” area.

And who were next to ride in the gondola whose seat was still warmed by Jackson’s skinny butt? My son and my daughter.

The crowd virtually oozed envious green.

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Anonymous said...

In my humble opinion, Michael did a bang up job of confusing himself, particularly, with all those plastic surgeries. He was much better looking prior to his many plastic surgeries. He went from healthy, wholesome handsome in masculine way to an extremely non-handsome, unhealthy artificial masked tragic look in a feminine way.

And why is it that so many celebrities proclaim abnormal childhoods and abuse at the hands of their parents once they are famous and rich?
Once Michael was asked by an interviewer, I believe it was Oprah who asked the following question to Michael Jackson, “If given the opportunity would you be willing to give up all the fame and riches of your entertainment success in exchange for a normal childhood?" Michael's response was a simple. "No."
After, I heard that, I quit listening to all his complaints about Papa Joe.

Moreover, I became numb and doubtful regarding the infamous charges raised against Michael when I found out that the families accepted money to be silenced.
No amount of money could have silenced me if, indeed, someone had pertpetrated what Michael was alleged to have done to any child of mine. So parents who accept money for alleged crimes against their children find no favor and credibility with me.

In summary, strange, tragic, eccentric, weird, whether you love him or hate him, no one can deny his talent as incredible and the likes of it shall not be seen again. And in the end, his loyal fans of worldwide acclaim will win the day to achieve the result of Michael’s desired final comeback to reclaim the pinnacle of his former fame. Michael Jackson has, indeed, fulfilled his quest to actualize a successful comeback, even in death. His former tunes which received pinnacle successes previously, more than 25 years, are once again at the top of the music charts. You’ve got to admit that “it” factor that Michael possessed and has once more resurfaced is a hard act to follow, whatever your opinion of MJ, the gloved one.