Tuesday, July 07, 2009

A Stranger in a Strange Land

I‘m sitting here banging on the keyboard while Michael Jackson’s memorial services is being aired live from the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles, the city of my birth.

I find the memorial both moving and entertaining.

Contrast the public outpouring there with the public invective here in the South. Here in the former Confederate States of America we still have the same racist crazies that we had 150 years ago.

In short, while I have some friends here, I do not feel comfortable living here among these people.

One day I will fix that.

Here is just a taste of what there is out there: comments on Jackson’s memorial service on The Houston Chronicle’s website:

“Perhaps after today, the news will not devote such excessive time to this subject. It has been too much from day one, non stop coverage for hours. Ridiculous. Have the service, move on.”

“Ladies and Gentlemen, presenting the greatest show on earth. Send in the clowns for the real 3 ring circus that was Michael Jackson.”

“I understand the circus comes to Staples Center immediately after Jackson’s “memorial service.” Oh wait . . . Jackson’s memorial service IS the circus!”

“freak show!”

“Final act? No way....the liberal media will milk this and all related stories & news about this freak for at least the next 6 months.”

“Hell will burn a lot hotter with all that added plastic down there.”

California is bankrupt and now taxpayers are going to have to pay the tab for all this police protection for a dysfunctional, self-indulgent over rated personality that most probably practiced pedophilia?”

“So much atttention for the iconic pedifile...”

“Is a dead pervert called a prevert?”

Ad nauseum.

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Anonymous said...

Okay, I see what you mean. Ignoramus type statements and behavior is depressing to me. I'm also a non-Texan and have recently made a final decision to return to my original roots, east of the Mississippi where travel by plane is optional because if you select to do so, you can take a train, leisurely, with beautiful views all the way east to Boston. I appreciate your sharing of these statements posted because it is reassuring that my decision is a logical good choice.