Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Obama’s Birth Certificate Found!

Continuing the conversation about misinformation, about how conservatives cling to their guns and misinformation, about how that clinging is reinforced when you try to refute the lies, I found an excellent way to shut these lunatics up about Obama’s birth certificate.

That’s right, the election is over and a biracial man is the President of the United States, something that these crazies simply can’t accept, so 6 months into his term, they continue to adopt the craziness that Republicans keep whipping up: that Obama was born in Kenya.

From the previous posting on The Backfire Effect, no amount of refutation or truth-telling will dissuade these nuts, it only reinforces their beliefs.

So why not go along with this farce? Heck, they won’t listen to reason anyway. Give them something so ludicrous that agrees with their premise that he is not an American.

That’s right, it’s actually spelled O’Bama.

UPDATE: I found the You Tube video that inspired this posting. Someone videotaped a town hall meeting conducted by Congressman Mike Castle (R - Delaware). Listen to the crazy lady. She makes that confused woman that told McCain that Obama was an Arab look absolutely lucid.

Listen to the crowd reaction. This isn't isolated to a few crazies, there are lots and lots of these lunatics. Finally listen to how the crowd emphasizes "Under God" when they take a flag salute break.


Susan said...

Ho boy - ain't that room over the legal limit on the number of old white people? Good Lord, you could hear bones cracking all over the room when they stood up.

Anonymous said...

well said from another 'old white person' susan. why have you all become such a jaded status quo defending bunch of hypocrites? you point the finger at name calling and hate speech, but engage willingly in it yourselves.