Monday, July 06, 2009

Pete King: Jackson Was a Pervert

I first saw this on Politico but now I hear in the next room that MSNBC is going to feature it. It is a You Tube video uploaded by Congressman Pete King (R- NY - 3). It is a rant on Michael Jackson.

Let’s be clear. I think the whole thing is completely overblown but given the money at stake, the issues surrounding his children, his exes, his father, his debts, this is true grist for the media mill.

And I think Congressman King doth protest too much.

I think that King, himself, is using the media frenzy surrounding the death of Michael Jackson to get some media exposure himself. Which, even in the hours leading up to the memorial at the LA Staples Center, he was successful in getting - a minute on MSNBC.

King needs to realize that on the Michael Jackson scale of celebrity, King ranks in there at about minus eleven thousand. When King kicks the bucket I doubt that 1.6 million people will request tickets to his memorial service, let alone have 17,500 of his admirers actually attend.

But I’m here to tell you that if I ever hear of King’s passing I will get on a plane to go to his funeral.

If only to dance on his grave.


Anonymous said...

Yes. I agree that King is using the media hoopla surrounding MJ's death to be seen, even if it is negative exposure and/or attention just like children often do because kids have figured out that getting negative attention is better than none at all, and in this particular instance so has King.

In fact Associated Press in reference to King reports:

"He said he has posted other Internet videos on issues such as cap-and-trade legislation to control pollution, but those videos did not receive as much attention as the Michael Jackson comments have."

Anonymous said...

It would be interesting to know how Pete King compares
philanthropically with Michael Jackson.

Jnichols said...

You have to remember that Wacko Jackos philanthropy was simply a way to creat good will so he could continue molesting children.