Wednesday, August 05, 2009

CNN Report Card: Texas Senators Have a 43% Disapproval Rating

Here’s something you can do today. Go to the CNN website that asks you 10 questions about the 2nd 100 days of the newly elected federal government.

You are given eleven grade choices ranging from A+ to F upon which to rate various parts of the government as well as how you think it is doing on some of the real burning issues of the day (notably missing is any mention of Barack Obama’s birth certificate).

Notably, whatever the subject matter, there is that group of whiners that give the grade of F to just about anything. F is the most common grade category, ranging from 25% to 54% of all ratings cast.

Also notably, a full 43% of all Texans who responded to Question 6 which asks you to grade the performance of YOUR state’s 2 US Senators, assigned a rating of either D or F (16% D, 27% F). Throw in the grade of C- and you have a grand total of 49% of the respondents who think that Senators John Cornyn and Kay Bailey Hutchison are doing a poor job.

My guess is that some of these low ratings are from people like me, people who finally had an opportunity to click on the “F” button in this non-scientific poll. But I’ll bet that some of these ratings are from teabaggers who just hate the way Kay Bailey voted in favor of the TARP bill.

You have all day today to rate your government. CNN will announce the final tallies tomorrow, August 6th at 7 PM CDT.

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