Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Former State Rep. Juan Garcia to Assistant Secretary of the Navy

Well now, how about another logical Obama appointment. This time Barack Obama has tapped former Texas State Representative Juan Garcia to become the next Assistant Secretary of the Navy, And in the news today is that the Senate Armed Services Committee confirmed him in this office.

This appointment and this confirmation is a no-brainer.

As a naval aviator, Juan Garcia is perhaps over-qualified for this office. He knows the Navy and he knows politics. Some of his story can be found here in a posting that I did on him in his attempt to unseat Gene Seaman in a hotly contested 2006 race.

One that he won in a squeaker, with 46.25% of the vote to Seaman’s 46.15%. The Libertarian, in this race, Lenard Nelson, actually delivered the 32nd District to the Democrats that year, only to lose it in 2008 in yet another squeaker.

Texas Democratic Party Chairman Boyd Richie offered these congratulatory comments on the news of Garcia’s confirmation:

“We congratulate Juan Garcia on his confirmation as Assistant Secretary of the Navy by the Senate Armed Services Committee. When the United States Senate takes its official floor vote on the nomination, we are confident they will vote to confirm this highly qualified nominee with overwhelming support. “

“As a former State Representative for House District 32, Juan Garcia proudly served his constituents. Now Texans across our state can be proud that our fellow Texan, who has also served his country abroad as a U.S. Naval Aviator, will have this opportunity to use his considerable talents to serve all Americans. The Texas Democratic Party proudly supports President Obama’s nominee for Assistant Secretary of the Navy, Juan Garcia.”

This is a huge boost to the very young political career of one of the future leaders in Texas. Not only does this appointment mesh well with Garcia’s skills set, but it speaks volumes to how the Obama Administration regards him.

Expect to hear more from this guy in years to come.

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