Monday, August 24, 2009

A Letter From Uncle Pete on Healthcare Reform

I continue to receive forwarded email messages from an Independent who is sick to dealt of all of the vitriol being heaped on a genuine effort to bring meaningful healthcare reform to our country.

This one is from Texas Congressman Pete Sessions (R – Running Dog) who walks the walk and talks the talk of the right wingnuts out there.

I love his use of the term “healthcare debate” when there is no debate at Democratic town halls, just shouting by racist Obama haters, and there is no debate at Republican town halls, just a filtering of questions and control of the microphone.

Oh, and notice how he pulls good old #57 out of the Republican playbook: “family” and “children.” Yeah, Democrats don’t have families, and they don’t have children, rather they bud from one another like other lower forms of life.

Sessions’ email message follows. Warning, sensitive Democrats may want to hold their noses.

Dear Supporter,

As the healthcare debate continues in town hall meetings, on editorial pages, through talk radio and cable news, we're asking you to sign the NRCC's Healthcare Petition.

The NRCC is committed to electing a Members of Congress who oppose government-run healthcare. While Nancy Pelosi and her ultra-liberal allies are barreling through a plan to overhaul healthcare, your Republican Representatives are standing up for you and your family.

Republicans will not support a plan that drives our country deeper into debt and places your healthcare choices in the hands of government bureaucrats. But we need to know that you stand with us in our opposition to government-run healthcare.

Will you follow this link today to sign the NRCC's Healthcare Petition telling Pelosi and her puppets you oppose the Democrats plan to take over your healthcare choices?

Your immediate action is needed to send a message that Americans are not in favor of a government healthcare takeover.

Pelosi and her puppets just can't be trusted. Their trillion dollar stimulus bill has failed to create jobs and left you the and your children with a hefty bill. Government-run healthcare is not the "change" Americans want.

We won't swallow the Democrats' bitter healthcare pill. Follow this link to sign the petition telling Obama, Pelosi and their friends on the far-left that you oppose government-run healthcare.

After signing the petition, I hope you'll not only send this message to a friend, but make a generous contribution of any amount to help the NRCC's efforts to elect conservatives who oppose government-run healthcare. Thank you for your support - keep it up!


Pete Sessions
NRCC - Chairman


Anonymous said...

Thank you for contributing to the draining of all meaning from the term "racist". After all, if "racist" means "differs with the Obama agenda". then there is nothing wrong at all with racism -- and,indeed, it can be seen as a virtue.

And then, having lost all meaning, there is no longer a phrase to deploy against actual racists.

Anonymous said...

Both sides have their standard playbook Hal. And you correctly reference #57 in the Republican playbook.

But you yourself utilize old number #32 from the Democratic playbook when you accuse those protesting of being "racist Obama haters." It's a very familar and old Democratic play to accuse anyone who disagrees with an African American of being a racist.

Anonymous said...

So what is the GOP Plan??? Ignorant buffoon.

Hal said...

Racism as a virtue. Nice.

Anonymous said...

If "racism" comes to mean "dissent from the agenda of a president who happens to be black", then it can reasonably be seen as a virtue.

Indeed, it would mean that racism is the highest form of patriotism.

Hal said...

And there you have it. The world's most convoluted train of logic that seems to be the basis of the ultra-right fanatics. Racists they have been, Racists they are, racists they will ever be. Now they develop this gem of a justification for what comes naturally to them anyway.

At first I thought of rejecting this comment as completely sickening, then I thought better of it. It is so instructive after all.

Ironic, isn't it, that we all thought that electing Obama was a demonstration about how we Americans have finally gotten over race. Actually, it only exposed our deep, dark secret that there are still those out there among us whose brains fairly rabidly fizz with racism.