Thursday, August 20, 2009

What a Surprise: Tom DeLay’s a Birther

Tom DeLay, my former congressman, wants to see Barack Obama’s birth certificate. Apparently he has doubts over whether Obama was actually born where his Certificate of Live Birth and two 1961 announcements in Hawaiian newspapers say that he was.

Gee, what a surprise.

This from a guy whose opinion of what the constitutional residency requirement of a US Congressman was challenged and debunked in the case of Texas Democratic Party vs. Tina Benkiser et al.

And he was even dumb enough to bring that whole affair back to the light of day when he was interviewed yesterday by Chris Matthews on his MSNBC news program Hardball.

The question of whether the 2008 Republican candidate was a natural born citizen was settled when it was ruled that John McCain, who was born in the Canal Zone, then a US territory, was a natural born US citizen just as Barry Goldwater, who was born in Arizona when it was also a US territory.

What has never been settled, because it is now a moot point, is whether George W. Romney, who nearly pulled off getting the Republican nomination in 1968 was a natural born US citizen.

Because George Romney was born in Mexico.

The father of Mitt, former Michigan governor George Romney was born in a Mormon settlement in Mexico, but somehow the question never really came up as to whether he was eligible to run for president.

That he was born to American parents, I am thinking, was the explanation that was provided. A child born to US citizens in any foreign country automatically has US citizenship.

So now I have to ask, why do Republicans take such umbrage over this issue? They do not deny that Obama’s mother was a US citizen and as such passes on her citizenship to her son.

Even if Obama was born in Kenya, actually then a British colony, his mother’s citizenship entitles Obama to claim US citizenship. Obama is “a natural born citizen” as opposed to a “naturalized citizen.” There is no third choice.

So all of these arguments are for naught. If George Romney qualified as a US citizen, so does Barack Obama wherever he was born.

So why do Republicans (and now Tom DeLay) keep up the noise over this issue? I suppose it is for the same reason that male dogs lick their scrotums.

Because they can.

And because they are running dog racists.


Scott said...

Running dog racists - what an elegant analysis.

I hope he trips and falls while Dancing with the Stars.

Greg said...

Actually, there are a lot of us who believe that Obama was born in this country who believe that he ought to produce the original document just to lay the issue to rest.

However, you are incorrect on the automatic conferring of citizenship question regarding foreign birth -- there have, over the years, been some interesting wrinkles in federal citizenship law that stated that this was not always the case when only one parent is a citizen and the child was born outside the US. But since Obama was born in the US, those exceptions don't apply to him -- no matter how hard the actual birthers try to argue that they do. I debunk the whole birther thing here:

Anonymous said...

Tell it, tell it, tell it----you are so “right on” and correct Hal.

I say Hum-bug to your comment, Greg. Another example of wanting to insert and mandate double standards; therefore, making your augment weak and lame. Obama does not have to produce anything. If the examples Hal has given were not questioned and they did not have scrotum licking dogs chasing after them trying to make a case out of nothingness, then, Obama need not cater to double standard demands being made, only, mind you, because he is Black and/or considered Black and thus not all the way White, plain and simple, no matter how some try to camouflage and disguise it.
It still stinks and it smells like racism.