Friday, August 07, 2009

Democratic National Committee Launches Anti-Mob Rule Campaign

How do you fight against an unruly mob that is dead set on disrupting the democratic process at every turn? How do you answer these people who complain that they don’t like the direction that their country is going?

Don’t like it that Barack Obama is a black man?

One way to do it is to bring these people out of the shadows and into the light of day. Show them acting like unruly children right here on the internet.

With this web ad:

The media is also helping with this one:

But that was MSNBC, not the most impartial news organization. What about this from CNN?

But wait, there’s more. Here is the Republican Party of Texas You Tube reply to the DNC ad.

Actually yeah, they acted like a mob. They even brought their children to witness their childish behavior. And yes they vote. Just not enough of them to decide an election though.

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