Sunday, August 30, 2009

Pete Olson Continues His Healthcare Lies

My congressional district, TX CD 22, Tom Delay’s old district, is a right sprawling thing that extends from the western boundary of Fort Bend County to Galveston Bay, with a little arm that goes down I 45 to Galveston Island.

It is Tom Delay’s gift to his former constituents.

So while we got to see Congressman Pete Olson (R TX-22) in a Sugar Land town hall the weekend before this, he held another one in La Marque, clear on the other side of the district one evening last week.

John Coby was there with some others, and videoed a part of Olson’s program that I didn’t want to video because it was such a sickening abuse of an innocent child’s plight that it turned my stomach.

You see, Olson had, in his presentation, the photograph of a little boy who was born with a congenital heart defect. It was detected while he was still in the uterus, and the mother was told he would either be still-born or would die soon after birth.

The story goes that the mother found a doctor in Detroit that took care of things, and the boy lived. The story also goes that the mother believes that had she been covered under “The Public Option” the boy surely would have been left to die.

No rhyme, no reason for that conclusion.

But the audience ate it up in Sugar Land. What made it worse is that Pete Olson then presented the little boy, in person, alive and well. He picked him up and displayed the boy to a wildly cheering audience.

I often wonder what the boy must think about all of this.

Having the boy on display back on that Saturday in Sugar Land was like grasping an amulet against public discourse. That evening in La Marque, Olson did not have the boy to hold before the audience as a shield, as he did in Sugar Land.

This made for an entirely different state of affairs and allowed for confrontation.

Many in the audience objected to Olson's leap of logic.

“The insurance company turned her down, not the government,” said one.

Someone, an Olson supporter, retorted that “the government set up a board to turn her down.”

Truly clueless. That nitwit was citing the death panels that radical rightwing Republicans falsely claim “ObamaCare” would set up, in the future. This particular event, however, occurred 7 years ago.

Yeah, Bush was president then.

But there you have it. Olson stood there with his microphone letting his words beget complete mind-foggery in his audience. So much so that it was even too much for the congressman, who immediately shut down the meeting.

Video here and below.


Delezzia said...

Truly disgusting. He needs to get voted out office and go away.. somewhere far, far away!! Uggh, sick of Pete Olson!!

Anonymous said...

Olson is a total loser.

It's a shame that Democrats could only get someone the caliber of Nick Lampson to run against him.

Any speculation about what Democrat may challenge him in 2010?

Chris Bell will need something to run for won't he?

Patriot Missive said...

I thought Nick Lampson was too much the Republican for my taste, however, he was a thinking man. Those who know him, know this statement to be true. Olsen is a flaming idiot who only knows how to jump in front of the parade of healthcare ignorance.