Monday, August 31, 2009

What? No Whole Lotta Whinin’ Goin’ On In Sugar Land?

I must say that I am disappointed in my tea bagging sore loser neighbors. I was soooo looking forward to attending the TEA party that I was expecting them to throw in Sugar Land this Saturday.

You see, sore loser teabaggers are all done with their whinin’ and complainin’ about how their country isn’t theirs anymore.

Not theirs anymore because, apparently the President is a Democrat.

And he is Black.

Teabaggers are all done because the town halls of August are all done, for the most part. Federal legislators will be back in DC after Labor Day.

So, yes, their country isn’t being led by fluffy white people anymore, and that makes them sad. But teabaggers do have one last hurrah this September 5th.

Just not in Sugar Land.

And I am downcast and sad. Last time we had a nation-wide TEA party megafest Sugar Land was front and center and every crazy rightwing neoconservative Republican, not to mention all 4 Libertarians, in Fort Bend County were there to send a message, and a trunkful of tea bags, along with Pete “Just Say No” Olson, back to congress.

Those were the heady days.

But this Saturday, the only people wandering around Sugar Land’s Town Square will be the occasional shopper, and the occasional Ben and Jerry’s ice cream fanatic.

Because the other venue is drawing the big crowds. Sugar Land’s teabaggers are being diverted to Austin according to this mention in FortBendNow. Others who might have wanted to save gas and go to the Houston gathering will have to do the same as their Sugar Land brethren according to the Houston Klavern.

Dare we hope for a cry for Texas to secede from the Union this weekend? The Austin organizers hope not, according to their caveat on their website, to wit: We Do Not Support Secession!”

But will the secessionists turn out anyway? Can we be that lucky?

Yes we can.


Delezzia said...

Tea bagging might not be the "cause du jour" any longer. They have moved on to bigger issues like supporting Perry and his ignorant and crazy ideas about secession from the Union. Good luck with that one. Idiots.

Patriot Missive said...

Olsen being an idiot about health care... Live!!

Fishie said...


Wonder what the verdict is after everyone was diverted to DC this PAST weekend?

Ah, one last thing. I want Republicans messing their pants when they see tea party people coming. That's my focus. So look! There's something in common! We both loathe Republican asses! I knew we could find common ground!