Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Republican Goal is No Healthcare Reform

We Democrats do have our moles, and I am not referring to our darkened skin tissue. We had a mole, in the form of an AFL-CIO organizer, who got himself in on a conference call between the “American Liberty Alliance,” “TEA Party Patriots,” and RecessRally.com. An unholy trio that are part of the plan to disrupt any public discourse on health care during the August congressional recess.

The goal is not to promote their own version of healthcare reform, something you see on TV ads every hour of the day. That’s right, Harry and Louise are at it again lying to you. The goal is to block any healthcare reform at all.

The goal is to maintain the status quo.

We know this now because of our mole who participated in the conference call. Our mole who took notes.

From “The Plum Line:”

“The moderator on the call, whose name could not immediately be determined, told listeners that bipartisan compromise on the Senate Finance Committee, where senators are holding talks, must be stopped at all costs, AFL-CIO’s notes say. The moderator called on members to pressure GOP Senators seeking compromise with Dems, like Chuck Grassley, Mike Enzi, and Olympia Snowe, to stop the negotiating.”

“‘The goal is not compromise, and ANY bill coming out this year would be a failure for us,’ the moderator said, according to AFL-CIO’s notes. The moderator added that ‘the Democrats will turn even a weak bill from the Senate Finance Committee into Canadian-style single-payer through underhanded implementation.’”

This is despite the fact that the average healthcare premiums that a family pays per year is going up and up, and that as a result more and more families are opting out of health care coverage because they can’t afford it. This is despite the fact that people without health care coverage can still be treated, for free, in emergency rooms, and insurance companies pay for it, charging back to families that still have health insurance.Driving the price of their premiums up.

The whole thing is spiraling out of control, one thing feeds the other, But these people, these obstructionists, are sticking their heads in the sand (or perhaps in some part of their anatomy) ignoring an ever-worsening situation, and attempting to block any reform at all.


The house is afire and these people are looking for a pail of gasoline to put it out.

And now it's all out in the open.


Anonymous said...

If you ignore them, they go away.

But you keep mentioning their lies about health care and somehow a lot of folks (including some of the very wise who voted President Obama) begin to belive crap like "death panels."

Hal said...

Not true, Anon. John Kerry's blunder in 2004 was not shouting back at the swift boaters. In the end their lies gave Bush a second term (but the first one that he was actually elected to).

Their lies give us a bully pulpit to deliver the health care message. A message that would otherwise have been under-reported.

Anonymous said...

John Kerry's blunder in 2004 was that he was John Kerry (not much he could do about that--but he did win three Purple Hearts).

Kerry, like Republicans, has entered the land of the irrelevent. I saw his picture on the side of a milk carton the other day.