Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The Politics of Hooliganism

The rightwing of the country, also known as the Republican Party base, has a new tactic. It is called, by some, hooliganism.

Hooliganism is commonly associated, these days, with sporting events. As in the hooligans that willfully and wantonly disrupt events with their rowdy behavior. Republicans and other teabaggers have adopted this tactic to disrupt what would otherwise be events that are part and parcel with the democratic process of information exchange.

Witness Saturday’s town hall meeting with Congressman Lloyd Doggett (D – TX 25) and his constituents. The meeting was disrupted by hooligans. Hooligans who wouldn’t let the meeting occur. They disrupted the meeting by shouting Nancy Reagan’s often quoted aphorism on the US war on drugs during the 80’s: “Just Say No.”

But in this case, I guess, they aren’t concerned with drug abuse. They are concerned with all of the things that the Democrats have accomplished this year in Washington, and all of the things that they want to accomplish later on this year.

And now they want to “just say no” to health care.


Hooligans of America: Turn in your Social Security cards.

Hooligans of America: “Just say no” to Medicare and Medicaid.

Hooligans of America: You have 2010 and 2012 to make your childish point. A point that I am sure the majority of Americans find revolting.

So really, hooligans of America, keep up the good work.


Anonymous said...

Yes. I noticed your assessment as correct. It is the same syndrome and the simultaneous complex problem of misbehaved children which goes like this: If I cannot get attention based upon positive acts, then I will resort to getting attention anyway possible , even, through negative acts if necessary.

Anonymous said...

The hooligans are irrelevent. Not a single Republican vote is needed for anything President Obama wants.