Friday, May 27, 2011

Ahmona Thank About It . . .

That is what Governor Rick Perry of Texas said in reply to a reporter’s question on whether he was going to run for president in 2012.

And that’s how he said it, too.

I would like it if he would think about it, and absolutely love it if he ran. I can’t think of a better way to remind American voters that the last time they elected a sitting Texas governor America went from a country running in the black to one deeply in the red with two wars in the Middle East. America inherited Texas’ penchant to spend money it doesn’t have, it also inherited a much-hated Texas’ program, an unfunded mandate on school districts called No Child Left Behind.

In fact, they will be reminded of all of that every time he opens his mouth.

"Ahmona thank about it."

Rick Perry would not be the first Texas governor to run for President, but I do believe that he would be the first Republican to run for president who was once a Democrat. It is ironic that these days he is billed as a rightwing conservative that would attract the Teabagger vote. Rick Perry’s social and political views are 100% contrived. He is the complete flavor-of-the-day politician who believes in whatever will allow him to stay in office.

When he switched parties in 1989 it was only because the writing was on the wall that Republicans were on their way to power in Texas.

So it will be fun to see what happens between all the candidates as they vie for the votes of the right wing – also known as primary voters. Teabaggers can’t remember what they had for breakfast let alone remember that Perry was once a Democrat.

It will be fun to see how many times they get reminded of that.

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