Saturday, May 28, 2011

Disinviting Jesus

We had a minor dustup here last week when the director of the Houston National Cemetery asked the Christian pastor, who would be offering up a prayer during this Monday’s Memorial Day Observance, not to mention Jesus.

Now I know lots and lots of Christians, and I know for a fact that when religion comes up in polite conversation they cannot avoid saying the word “Jesus.” It is antithetical to their very existence not to.

So asking a Christian pastor not to say the word Jesus in a prayer over the fallen is just a little over the top you would think.

Here in the Bible Belt? Over the top.

So I was surprised that the cemetery director actually made the request. A request that the pastor take into account that not all of the fallen soldiers that they are going to honor on Monday were Christians. That’s not what we do here in The South. Here in The South religious intolerance is the rule, not the exception.

So I was not surprised to read that the pastor took umbrage at the director’s request, and filed suit. Filed a lawsuit so he could go ahead and say the word “Jesus” just one time in his prayer.

That pastor is going to by God say the word “Jesus” come H-E-Double Hockey Sticks or high water.

The Veterans Administration decided that it was just too much to deal with and really didn’t want to get involved in this guy’s business so it backed off.

So now, the pastor can say “Jesus” in his prayer on Monday.

I suspect, though that this is the last time this guy will be invited to speak at a Memorial Day Observance.