Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Waiting For The End

Last Thursday was the last day for a bill introduced in the Texas State House to be heard on second reading. Any bill that does not make that deadline is considered “dead.” The much-hated HB 400 the bill to increase class size, allow school districts to decrease teacher pay and use work furloughs to decrease expenditures is now a “dead” bill.

Dead, unless its author, Rob Eissler, finds still “live” bills to amend with elements that were found in his bill. Something that Eissler has now promised he would start actively looking for.

This gives me pause. Eissler is now going to resurrect his “dead” bill by working harder. In one fell swoop his “dead” bill would have had a devastating effect on teachers statewide. Now he wants to work harder to get his bill back to being “undead.”

He wants to work harder to make the lives of teachers even more difficult than it already is.

I really don’t think Eissler really appreciates teachers. I really don’t. And as a classroom teacher, I am offended that someone would redouble his efforts to see that my life is made even more uncomfortable than it already is.

It really makes me want to just pack it in and quit the teaching profession altogether and forever.

Then, thinking about all of this on my way home tonight, on comes another great song by Linkin Park. I was amazed at how the lyrics exactly matched the thoughts that were going through my head at the time.

Amazing. This has happened twice now.

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