Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Houston, We Have an Upset

My favorite periodical of all time had the news. Kathy Hochul has won the NY-26 seat tonight in a special election to replace that Republican family values guy who posed on Craig's List to attract young things outside of his marriage.

MSNBC projects Kathy Hochul as the winner at this hour.

NY-26 has been red as an Irish Setter since  forever.

The Ryan plan to kill Medicare was the clear issue that killed an easy win for a Republican in a district that has voted Republican since Noah's Flood. This has enormous implications in 2012. How we Democrats can keep this issue going in 2012 is paramount. Republicans voted to destroy Medicare this year. They are on record as voting to end the most favorite federal program of all time. They can back peddle all they want. The record is the record.

What? You Republicans want to kill my Medicare?

Not on my watch.

Do not vote Republican in 2012. They want to end the Medicare benefits that you have been paying into for years and years. They put people in jail for robbery. Why not these people?

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