Monday, May 30, 2011

Fillibuster Kills SB 1811

When State Senator Wendy Davis (D – Fort Worth) picked up the microphone at last night who knew that she would spend the next hour or so reading constituent letters, her victory speech and reciting reams of data on how much less school districts were going to receive on account of SB 1811.

Who knew that in doing so, talking until past , that Wendy Davis effectively killed this bill so malevolent to public education?

I took a look at it earlier today. It is one of those bills that is jam packed with unrelated things, but the thing that really catches your attention is the rescheduling of what percentage the state sends funding to the school districts, and when that happens. It essentially pushes back the funding allowing the state to keep its money longer.

Allowing the school districts to be put on a starvation diet.

You see, it wasn’t enough that the legislature allocated $4 billion less to public education than it did in the previous budget. They get there with SB 1811 by rescheduling the payments even into the next budget cycle.

Killing this bill essentially kills the education budget.

Democrats are essentially telling the Republican super majority to get it right, to do right by the state’s 4.5 million schoolchildren, or else.

Get it right Reps and Senators, or it’s summer school for you.

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