Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Oh Hell, They Seated the Jury (Yes!)

I think I mentioned awhile back that I was called to Jury Duty recently in Fort Bend County. Well now today I saw in the news that the jury for the trial that I and 300 of my fellow citizens were called up for has been seated.

So I guess I can talk about the trial now.

And read the newspapers about it.

The trial that I was called up for was the case of Albert James Turner who is charged with a double murder. You can read about the particulars of the case at FortBendNow. I honestly don’t remember reading about this and I read the news every day. Murders and stuff like that don’t get above my radar I guess.

This was the chance of a lifetime to sit on a jury in a major case. And because it was going to take place in June if I was going to be seated as a juror (I had a June 9th interview appointment) timing would be practically perfect for me. A great experience and a great way to spend summer vacation not watching the grass grow.

I did have some misgivings, though. As a progressive liberal I oppose the death penalty in all of its forms, especially here in Texas where innocents have been put to death. Where they try and kill the mentally retarded. Where they do kill men with evidence based on bad science. This guy, Turner, allegedly stabbed two women and then allegedly ran off and hid. If he gets a guilty verdict, chances are they will elect to send a chemical cocktail into his artery.

I was not sure I wanted to be a part of that. I would have preferred to see him spend the next 40 or so years in a 4 X 8 cell with a roomate named Tyrone who has tastes and temptations that run on the wild side.

So I had an interesting mixed reaction to hearing the news that I wouldn’t be a juror in that case.

Ever been sadly elated?

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