Saturday, May 21, 2011

Texas House Passes Education-Destroying Budget

Voting strictly along party lines, the Texas House passed a budget plan that will slash $4 billion in funding for public education. Voting on SB 1811 today, 100 Republicans (the Speaker didn’t vote) ensured that public education in Texas, currently ranked 44th out of 50 in the country, will surely drop to 50th place within the next two years.

There will have to be a conference to work out differences between what the Senate has previously passed, and this bill. One troubling aspect of the bill is an amendment that businesses wouldn’t have to pay the business tax, the main revenue getter in the state, if they didn’t make a profit. That, according to this report, would cost the state an additional $2 billion.

The bill got 44 No votes. All Democratic.

Ironically, as the bill was voted on, a crowd of parents, teachers and administrators stood just outside the capitol building in another Save Our Schools rally. Equally ironically, people in the crowd, upon hearing of the bill’s passage, were relieved. Said one protester:
At this point, the Senate version is what we were looking for. We'll be happy on some levels with this, but things are still going down the tracks in the wrong way.
Agree on the last point. This bill is a train wreck. But to be happy about this is to be happy that public education in Texas just took a big hit.

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Marsha said...


Maybe the ones who were happy never finished school thinking it was a waste of time and money