Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Texas Judge: Transgender Women Aren’t

Well if it is at all possible, Texas, through Wharton County judge Randy Clapp, just became a little redder, and just a little meaner

According to a KHOU report (video embedded below) Judge Clapp ruled that Nikki Araguz was not legally married to Thomas Araguz because when she was born, Nikki was, biologically, a little baby boy. And because Texas has a constitutional amendment that forbids the marriage of two people of the same sex, the marriage was invalid.

Oh, by the way, did I mention that Nikki Araguz is totally hot?

Before her husband died in a fire that he was fighting last year, Nikki Araguz was named as the beneficiary on Thomas’ death benefits. This was the will and desire of Thomas Araguz. But Judge Clapp abrogated Thomas Araguz’ decision to provide security for his heart’s desire should he lose his life and awarded the benefits, $600,000 by the way, is nothing to sneeze at, to his children of his ex-wife. The wife, I guess, that was born a baby girl.

This is new territory, I think. The judge has just broken new ground in the attack of conservatives on the Transgender. People who feel so strongly about their own mis-assigned sexuality that they submit themselves to radical and life-changing surgeries.

This is a tragedy and a travesty of justice, not only for Mrs. Araguz, but for a heroic firefighter who gave his life so a chicken ranch wouldn’t burn to the ground. This is a judicial intrusion in the personal lives of people both living and dead.

This cannot stand.

Oh, and did I mention how it is deliciously ironic that we have a judge in Texas whose surname is Clapp? What do they say when he has a case?

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