Monday, May 23, 2011

Rick Perry's Illegitimate Love Child

My friend Susan was quoted in "The Nation" this week.

This is an impressive feat for a blogger, or even a not-a-blogger as Susan claims, and I am glad to write that I know her and she has helped me become a better blogger over the years. And yes, while Susan is "not a blogger" I am because only 6 people read my blog and none of those 6 take any of my advice or suggestions.

Here is what "The Nation" quoted Susan as writing in her not-a-blog with regard to Texas' new spending levels for public education.
"Texas is setting a new standard by setting new lows."

I quite agree and have stated and restated my case on this here over and over again in recent weeks. It is, in fact, the number one subject that has occupied my mind since we all found out that the GOP-run state government has been spending more than it was taking in, and doing so in proportions that can only be described as "Californian." In California they have a law that says that the budget must be passed by a 2/3ds majority so you don't even have to be in the majority in California to run its economy into a ditch.

In Texas, you still do.

So I think this cartoon by Nick Anderson published last Friday in the Houston Chronicle has some bite to it and I wanted to post it here in case any of my 6 readers missed it.


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