Monday, August 27, 2012

A Tale of Two Cities

It's Convention Season in the South. This week we will see Republicans whoop it up in Tampa, Florida, now more uproariously than ever as they celebrate the bullet that they just dodged when Hurricane Isaac jogged to the west, sparing Florida's west coast from the brunt of a potentially damaging storm.
Here are some TEA Partiers doing just that in a TEA Party party.

Oh my, what fun.

Contrast that to the party they are having right now in the Big Easy.

In New Orleans they are boarding up their shops and homes again on the eve of the day 7 years ago when Hurricane Katrina destroyed much of that city. A city that has yet to come back even after 7 years, made possible, some say, by a completely uncaring Republican administration that handed out congrats to all the players who did so little for that city in the aftermath of Katrina.
So today, as the GOP celebrates in Tampa, southern Louisianans are bracing for yet another assault on their city. 
What a contrast in stories that are unfolding along the same coast, at the same time.

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