Sunday, August 26, 2012

Disrespecting “Yellow Hair”

Just as we see Todd Akin busily backpedaling from his “legitimately raped” remark, and the echoes have not yet subsided from that little jolt, along comes yet another bat guano-crazy remark  from a similar source, the Republican Party.
 This time it seems to be even crazier - even more “off the reservation,” to make an unfortunate metaphor.
Unfortunate in that this remark involves Native Americans.
Pat Rogers, a member of the Republican National Committee has condemned New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez for agreeing to attend the annual state-tribal leaders’ summit.
From TPM:

“‘The state is going to hell,’ Rogers, who is a member of the GOP executive committee and is currently in Tampa for the RNC convention, wrote in a June 8 email released by Progress Now New Mexico. Former Republican gubernatorial candidate Col. Allen Weh ‘would not have dishonored Col Custer in this manner.’"

The Colonel Custer that Rogers is referring to is none other than General George Armstrong Custer who, along with 268 federal troops, was killed in the Battle of the Little Big Horn on June 26th 1876.

The huge losses are widely credited to Custer himself when he made incredibly poor strategic decisions that led to the splitting of his forces.
Nevertheless, Martinez, an Hispanic, is being criticized for consorting with the enemy of 136 years ago – even though the New Mexico tribes had nothing to do with that victory, thank you very much.
It’s like hating the Albanians because they lived near the Germans when they were kicking up a fuss in the first half of the 20th century.
But OK, OK, give Rogers all of that. Martinez must be some sort of heartless Democratic boor to consort with descendants of distant relatives of those who cut down the “Boy General” in his prime.
How, then, does that mesh with Governor Mitt Romney’s own episode of consorting with the enemy in the case of his August 17th fundraiser event with 12 Native American tribal leaders? The campaign did not divulge how many millions the governor raked in from that event, but however many millions there were, I cannot see how the governor, in good conscience, can hang onto those ill-gotten gains, not when General Custer’s blood is dripping from them.
Now Pat Rogers is as wrong as two right shoes that is a certainty. But if there be anyone out there in the radical fringe of the Grand Obsolete Party who disputes that, look no further than the atrocity of accepting blood-drenched lucre from the hands of the Red Menace.
Mitt Romney must return those campaign contributions.
What’s sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

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