Sunday, August 19, 2012

Legitimate Rape as a Test of Witchcraft

Ho boy, now I know why Senator Claire McCaskill (D - MO) poured so much of her own campaign cash into seeing that her present Republican opponent, Rep. Todd Akin, became her present Republican opponent: he’s a total whackjob.

Rep. Akin claims, as we have learned from the Maleus Malificarum (translation Witch’s Hammer), that there are certain tests to finding out whether someone has really, really been raped or not. Really, really raped is the long form appellation of “legitimately raped”.
Some women, Atkin would claim, are illegitimately raped. Illegitimately in that they “asked for it” in some way. When they ask for it, it seems, according to Akin, they get impregnated. However, when the woman is really and truly sexually attacked and is most unwilling in the attack, well not only is that a legitimate rape, but also, she will not get pregnant from the rape.
Therefore, according to the logic of Akin, there are no women on Earth who need an abortion on account of being raped. If they need an abortion, obviously they were not legitimately raped, but were “askin’ fer it.”
Burn a witch. If she burns, she must be a witch. Throw a witch into a lake. If she floats, she must be a witch.
Rape a woman. If she conceives, that wasn’t really a rape.
Here is yet another example of Republicans making it too easy. Claire McCaskill had some potentially harmful opponents in the Republican Party primary, but she drew this little gem.
I don’t know about you, but I am positively achin’ for a few more Akins for Democrats to run against.

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