Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Can You Spell Karma?

Now I am not superstitious by nature, but I have a penchant to look askance at coincidence. When there is such an obvious confluence of time and events I have to wonder whether there are forces unbeknownst to science at work.

Call it karma, or call it God’s Wrath, there is a hurricane churning in the Antilles that promises to close in on the west coast of Florida next week, on Monday, August 27th by 2 PM Monday afternoon.

The west coast of Florida, right smack dab on top of the city of Tampa Bay, the venue selected by the Republican National Committee for its national convention to convene on Monday, August 27th 2012.

Here is the probable hurricane track for this storm, dubbed Hurricane Isaac.

Now, I may be a little hazy on my history, but I swear I have never ever heard of a hurricane striking a city at the same moment as the convening of a presidential year national party convention.



And now I have to wonder about the coincidence of names as well as times, dates and places.

They named it Isaac (and not Todd Akin) because Isaac is the 9th named storm of the season, and the list that they are using this year, one of six lists, contains that name.

It is, in short, a huge coincidence that Hurricane Isaac should aim directly at the RNC’s national convention at the precise day and time of its convening, AND that it is named after Isaac, the Promised Son of Abraham, the father of the Jewish Nation whose offspring are all known as the Chosen People of the God of Israel.

No, I am not especially religious, but when there is such a convergence of events, coupled with the fact that the Republican Party, and its TEA Party Crazies have been doing and saying some really really bad things about the poor, children, women and other targets of their disdain, let’s just say I won’t be totally surprised if, in addition to the hurricane, frogs fall from the skies, fire erupts from brimstone or a few people turn into pillars of salt.

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