Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Cruisin’ With Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz, the Republican nominee for US Senate from Texas, is turning out to be an embarrassment on the order of his predecessor-newbie on the national scene, Rick Perry.
Looking for a laugh line at the Republican National Convention yesterday, Cruz remarked that one good thing, that that is, a blessing that has resulted from Hurricane Isaac is that it chased Joe Biden out of Florida.
Biden was expected to speak in Florida this week to balance the Republican convention, but cancelled when it looked like Isaac was going to hit Florida.
The last thing Floridians want to hear while being lambasted by a hurricane is a stump speech by a pol, no matter who it is. But Cruz thought it was funny and passed the laugh along.
And now, as Hurricane Isaac makes landfall just southeast of hurricane-ravaged New Orleans, it seems clear that Cruz’ little joke was ill-conceived.
Hurricanes are a “blessing” to no one except for undertakers and home builders.
Ted Cruz is about as tasteless as unflavored gelatin. He and his spokesperson chortle at the umbrage we Democrats took to his tasteless remarks, proving even more to the point that this man is incapable of humanity.

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