Sunday, August 12, 2012

On Ownership

Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are big on ownership.

Mitt Romney owns a lot of stuff. The main problem with owning a lot of stuff is that you want to own a lot more stuff. That’s just a fact of existence among the rich and super-rich. That will be Romney’s continuing problem as we go on toward November, that he owns a lot, and wants to own a lot more.
Paul Ryan is going to be having a different kind of ownership though. Paul Ryan, because he is now the Vice Presidential nominee of the Republican Party is going to have to take ownership of his past and his past statements. His past statements rendered on video no less.
The US Conference of Catholic Bishops and a bunch of nuns on abus have taken Ryan to task because of his budget plan which runs counter to the teachings of Jesus, whose teachings Ryan professes to follow. Where does the budget come from then, one would ask. What or who is the inspiration that led Paul Ryan to formulate this anti-scriptural budgetary policy?
To answer that question one should look no further than the American authoress Ayn Rand, whose book Atlas Shrugged, with others, has inspired generations of teenagers in the ways of “objectivism” (aka self-interest) versus “collectivism” (Jesus’ notions). And it appears, from the video which is embedded below, that Paul Ryan has yet to be cured of Ayn Rand’s ideas, which form the core of Libertarian beliefs.
Now to be fair, the video was shot in 2009 and that gives Ryan over 3 years to back-peddle over this issue, which I assume he has or soon will.
But to be equally fair, the video accurately presents the state of the man when he formulated his budgetary policies, ones that have now been fully embraced by Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney likes to own stuff, now he must take ownership of Paul Ryan’s Rand-inspired budgetary policies.
And keep your damn hands off my medicare.

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