Friday, August 24, 2012

Romney the Birther

Mitt Romney has shown how much he can stand up to verbal assault in the past, hasn’t he? When his religion becomes an issue, that issue is off limits. When his income taxes become an issue then his finances become off limits. When his business acumen becomes an issue – one that he has raised many times – then his time at Bain Capitol become off limits. When one of his own strays off the reservation and conjures up a magic shield to protect raped women from pregnancy, then that becomes an issue that is off limits.
In short, everything about Mitt Romney, including his dog, has become off limits.
And when he discusses it, he whines and complains about how dirty dealing the Democrats have become in their attacks on him.
So today, when Mitt was heard to say these words: “no one's ever asked to see my birth certificate” well that is not a dirty attack, is it?
Despite the fact that the birth certificate issue has been laid to rest time and time again, and should have never HAD to have been laid to rest in the first place, Mitt brought it up again just in time for the Republican convention.
A lie and a fabrication becomes an issue in the campaign, but we can’t discuss Romney’s role in sending American jobs overseas in the discussion of unemployment, what he has actually paid in income taxes in the discussion of revenues and public debt, or whether Romney’s worship of a God who lives on the planet Kolob is of a concern to his Christian base.
None of that is an issue, but all of a sudden it has again become an issue that no one has ever asked to see Mitt Romney’s birth certificate.
All of that aside, that statement is a patent lie. Someone has indeed asked to see Mitt Romney’s birth certificate. You cannot apply for a US Passport without submitting your birth certificate. Unless, of course, Romney has found some way to grease the wheels of the Department of State and has never produced a birth certificate, even though he has traveled overseas and been allowed to return to the US.
Doubt it.

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