Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Todd Akin: Crazy or Ingenious Idiot?

Congressman Todd Akin (R – Bat$&!+ Crazy) has his heels dug firmly into Missouri soil today as he firmly refused to honor my prediction of yesterday to quit his race for US Senate.

Here is his You Tube video that spells out the deep remorse of the would-be senator, and his plea to his would-be constituents to forgive him his ill-conceived remarks.
So I can just hear the GOP rank and file as they weigh their mainstream ideals that would prompt them to say “We forgive you Todd, now GTHO and STFU” with the batguano crazy Uberconservatives that are applauding his mightily ignorant remarks from Monday. Clearly, what Akin is counting on is a huge rightwing backlash against the mainstreamer’s criticism against a notion that is not so crackpot in their warped minds.
Does that make Todd Akin an idiot as I heard this morning on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe?”
Or does that make Akin an evil genius who simply wants a little favor or two as he leaves his sinking political career?
Maybe it’s the latter. Maybe Todd Akin has weighed it all out and decided to become a thorn in the Establishment GOP, thus becoming a darling of TEA Partiers across his state.
Whichever it is, I’ll just bet that Claire McCaskill is calling the thousands of dollars that her campaign threw at Akin’s primary campaign money that was very well-spent.

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