Thursday, August 09, 2012

Ted Cruz a GOP Convention Speaker!

Well now, among the 5 newly announced speakers at the GOP convention next month in Tampa Bay are none other than our newly nominated US Senator from Texas Republican nominee, Ted Cruz and Wisconsin governor Scott Walker.

Cruz will represent the burgeoning Hispanic voter population of the southwestern states, and Walker will represent the UberRight White People of the Great North.
Sarah Palin, who worked so hard to stump for this TEA Party darling over the “more moderate” David Dewhurst (and I am kicking myself writing this) has still gotten the big snub.
Nope, imagine that, Sarah Palin, representing 900,000 Alaskans, will not get the nod to speak at the convention.
My guess, though, is that Cruz will not be given a prime time spot in this three-day America-Hating Love Fest. My guess is that the prime speaking times will be allocated to the best and brightest of the party – all twenty watts of them. This is because, according to my understanding, the big 3 broadcast networks have allocated only one hour per night to the Republican Convention. A total of three hours.
In the end, this will probably only serve to help the party of the eternally out-of-touch, because it will severely curtail appearances by the lunatic fringe of the party, which are more numerous than ever. What the casual American observer of the political scene will see, therefore, will in no way resemble what has become the norm in this election cycle.
And that can’t be all bad for Republicans.

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