Sunday, November 01, 2009

Early Vote Totals for Fort Bend County

October 30th was the last day of early voting in this off-off year election in Fort Bend County. At issue were the eleven statewide propositions that would become constitutional amendments for the Texas constitution.

And that is all unless you are lucky enough to live in a city or municipality where there were local elections.

Like in the portions of Fort Bend County that lie within the city boundaries of Houston. Then you have quite a ballot before you. Especially the 4-way race for Houston mayor between Peter Brown, the rich guy, Gene Locke, the black guy, Anise Parker, the gay woman, and Roy Morales, the loser.

The smart money is on Peter Brown. Houston won’t be electing a Republican for the time being, and a gay woman probably never. Brown is self-financing and is ahead in the polls largely based on his aggressive ad campaign.

Locke doesn’t have a chance.

Frankly I hope Parker can pull it off, but doubt that Houstonians are evolved enough to get beyond Parker’s lifestyle.

And the latest news is that Peter Brown’s campaign got the benefit of a lift from former congressman Nick Lampson who did some phone banking for Brown last week.

Anyway with the early vote over we can now report that a total of 5100 voters voted early in Fort Bend County, and a total of 210 voters voted by mail. 5310 total votes.

That’s 1.96% of the total registered voters in Fort Bend County.

That’s pretty lackluster. Even at the early voting locations that Houston residents voted at, a mere 804 voters bothered to show up, although that does represent 15% of all early voters in Fort Bend County.

So there’s that.

Still and all, with numbers like this, it’s truly amazing that America can call itself a democracy. When one person can vote for ten others, American elections look more like elections held in Afghanistan than one would ordinarily think.

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