Friday, November 06, 2009

We Hold These Nations Under God

What is it about the guys that Republicans keep sending back to Washington, DC? Are they all completely without any education at all? Any kid in first grade can well and accurately recite the Pledge of Allegiance, especially the version passed by congress back in 1954 that includes the words “under God” so as to prevent atheistic communists from participating in The Pledge.

In 1954 the words “One nation under God” took the place of “One nation indivisible” which makes much more sense if you think about it.

But Congressman Todd Akin (R – Brainless) skipped that step at yesterday’s Tea Party “press conference” held on the steps of congress. He recited it, he said, because doing so “makes liberals crazy.”

What makes liberals crazy, though, is this dimwit getting the Pledge of Allegiance wrong.

But wait, there’s more.

Then Congressman John Boehnert (R - Dim Bulb) got up in front of the same crowd, waving about his pocket version of the Constitution of the United States, as if he reads it, and then proceeded to quote from the Preamble. You know, the “We the People” thing? The thing I had to memorize in 7th grade (and can still recite flawlessly)?

Only he didn’t quote the Preamble. He quoted from Thomas Jefferson’s famous letter to King George III.

He quoted from the Declaration of Independence.


At the same event, two Republicans get two (or three, actually) time-honored American institutions wrong.

Did you look at the faces of the people behind him? I don’t think even they realized Boehnert’s boner.

These are the faces of the people who will vote against healthcare reform tomorrow. Yes, what makes liberals crazy is that these people don’t oppose healthcare reform because of some logical progression of thought.

They oppose healthcare reform because they are extraordinarily ignorant.

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Marsha said...


Texas will have to send Honorable and ex-judge Poe back to school. He too quoted the Pre-Amble from the Declaration of Independence stating "We the people... was from the Constitution of the United States.