Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fort Bend Teabaggers Are Organizing

What do you do when your Teabagger Movement in Fort Bend County starts to languish on the vine? What do you do when attending TEA Parties was all the rage in April, but can barely scrape together enough Libertarians and Republican Sore Loser outsiders to cast a shadow of any significance on an otherwise bright and sunny Sugar Land Town Square?

Obviously the crowds are gone. Pete Olson is gone. All that are left behind are the true believers and their wives and husbands.

So it’s time to organize. It’s time to take over the Republican Party.

And this is exactly what was planned at the local La Madeleine restaurant in Sugar Land last week. As reported in the Chron’s UltimateFortBend website:

“…the night featured an experienced guest speaker from Harris County giving a presentation on becoming a precinct chair, ultimately everyone in attendance received information on a wide variety of local rules and political topics.”
Get that? Teabaggers are educating themselves about taking on the system from the ground up by running for precinct chair.

At least they weren’t packing heat and talking about how a revolution every now and then is a good thing.

But I wonder whether these people know what they are up against. This is after all the party of the religious evangelicals that drove moderates and right of center Republicans out of office. These are the people who are experts in anti-democracy. These are the people who have deliberately kept the number of precinct chair positions vacant for very good reason – for the very reason the teabaggers want to occupy them: to get and maintain control.

As it stands right now, 42 GOP precinct chairs remain vacant. 42 out of 144. That could be a pretty substantial voting bloc if they could find people living in each of those precincts to run.

If they can actually get on the ballot, that is.

I wish them well. I want these teabaggers to take on a greater voice in the local Republican Party. I think it would be just great to see round two of local GOP infighting.

Round One was so much fun.


Delezzia said...

Sorry, will miss it. Would rather stay home and BBQ. Tea babbers (sorry.. baggers?) put me to sleep.

Anonymous said...

Too bad any attempt to reform one party creates more partisan rancor. What is needed is 5 or more competing parties, not two soaking up the taxes in their monopoly.

Hal said...

5 or more parties. Anon, you are a hoot.

Why stop at 5? Why not go for the 15 parties that plague Italian politics? Or how about going for the Iraqi model and having a party for every sectarian issue?

Consider, Anon, what will happen if a 3rd party splits off of the GOP. It is a conservative nightmare and a liberal dream come true.