Monday, November 09, 2009

Healthcare Vote Repercussions

Both sides of the aisle in the House of Representatives are going to suffer repercussions as a result of the recent votes entered on Saturday for and against healthcare reform.

The DNC is going to be targeting 32 Republican members of congress who voted against HR 3962 on final passage because they come from districts whose residents not only voted in majority numbers for Barack Obama last year, but also whose residents need a leg up on getting health insurance.

They come from all over (unfortunately, none from Texas). Go on over to Politico to see the list of names.

Now on the Stupak Amendment, the one that prevents women from obtaining an abortion, a legal right last time I looked, there is another thing to consider.

Actually, 64 other things.

Other things that my friend Marsha likes to call “gas bags.”

These 64 are Democrats who voted with Republicans in favor of the Stupak Amendment. Mostly they are Blue Dog Democrats, but it goes farther than that. Blue Dogs only number 53. And last I heard, abortion isn’t a fiscal issue, it’s a religious issue.

For a list of those names you can go here to where I have applied the filter on Democrats who voted for Amendment 1.

Democrats may need to reconsider whether they want to be represented by men and women who put their own religious viewpoints ahead of the right that every woman has (or should I say still has) to a legal medical procedure.

A right that these people have no logical reason to interfere with.

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