Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Election Day Is Here Again

It’s the first Tuesday in November and that means it’s Election Day. Honestly I can’t for the life of me figure out why they can’t hold these things on weekends as they do in other civilized countries.

And uncivilized ones, to boot.

Here in Texas, statewide propositions are on the ballot in most areas. Then there is the odd municipal election of MUD District election. The Houston city elections are of most interest to me because I live near it, and it’s like what Canadians say about their interest in American elections. Heck yes, they are interested, much as one would be interested in what the sleeping elephant that they share a bed with does during its REM stage.

Reported low voter turnouts are going to throw a monkey wrench into the works, it seems. Houston Mayoral Election poll results show a 4 point difference between the leader (Brown) and the trailer (Locke) – Morales is not even an issue. In fact, Morales made it his key issue that he is the only Republican running in the race, something that leaves me a little cold considering that the race is nonpartisan – or was, anyway.

With a low voter turnout, though, anything can happen (except for Roy Morales).

I am also interested in two of the races out East, in New York’s CD-23 special, and in New Jersey’s gubernatorial. Virginia, however, is doing what Virginia does after any presidential election it has had in 32 years – shifting the opposite way. It will elect a Republican governor after giving all of its electoral votes to Obama last year.

No news there.

GOTV efforts will determine who is governor of New Jersey, the race is that close. John Corzine and his Republican opponent are in a dead heat, it seems.

And who wins in New York’s CD 23 depends on how many crazies the right can get out to vote for a guy who has no knowledge of local issues or the district in general. This is delicious to the extreme. The GOP have thrown their own candidate under the bus and opted for a third party teabagger who campaigns against Republicans whenever he can.

How embarrassing is that?

Whoever wins, I think nothing is proved. This is an off-off year election at a time when issues have not been settled yet. Things are still evolving.

Or if you are a Republican, I think the word is “devolving.”

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