Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Operation Intervention?

Has Governor Perry gone right off his rocker? Operation Intervention?

Rick Perry’s re-election campaign has launched what they term “Operation Intervention” this week. Their stated goal? Let me guess.

To use religious intervention to turn drug addicts away from their ill-advised vice?


To use involuntary intervention methods to kidnap and then deprogram religious cultists?


To use proselytizing techniques to persuade Moroccan Muslims to the way of Shi’ia?


To use religious intervention to “cure” homosexuality? To relieve, as it were, gays from their gayness?

Close, but no.

No, the intervention that the Perry campaign has in mind is to pull aside and persuade supporters of Kay Bailey Hutchison the folly of their moderate ways.

To get them to Come to Perry.

Now having watched as Rick Perry carved out his rightwing teabagger fanatic fringe secessionist niche these past few months, this comes as something of a surprise. A surprise because it seems apparent to them that there can be open courtship between Rick Perry and his base, the fanatic far right of Texas, on the one hand, and courtship of what is left of the center right Republican moderates who still haven’t realized that their party has abandoned them.

But not surprising that they should use a word like “intervention” in their plan to persuade moderates that the right wingnuts aren’t such a bad bunch after all.

It does, after all, require a “leap of faith” on the part of the Perry campaign to consider this “operation” to have the possibility of success. Much as it requires a “leap of faith” on the part of former KBHers that Rick Perry deserves their support.

Frankly, I think he will have more success with drug addicts.

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