Thursday, November 05, 2009

On Jumping to Conclusions

OK, let’s assume that if a guy has a name like Nidal Malik Hasan he is either descended from Middle Eastern parents or is a convert to the religion of Islam.

The name is going to be infamous, now, because this guy is responsible for the deaths of several soldiers, soldiers that he shot with a handgun on the Fort Hood army base this afternoon.

News of this event is still developing, but already we have the crazies who typically comment on the news jumping to conclusions that this act was some sort of act of Islamic Jihad.

I found these little gems on the ABCNews website:

“What a surprise Love the name. So much for Homeland Security”

OBAMA still talkin about healthcare when this happens? WOW

“.....this was a terrorist attack from a sleeper cell...this is what they do....they wait... then attack.....”

“When can we admit to being at war with Islam?”

“A Muslim!!!”

“The religion of peace, just don't doodle any pictures of their gay leader, Mohammed.”

This is grist for the mill of the lunatic fringe who are out there ready, willing and able to jump all over this tragic event in a dishonorable effort to make their biased, bigoted political point.

Let me be clear. At this writing absolutely nothing is known about the motives behind this heinous act. Nothing. But some of those among us don’t need facts, not when we have opinions.

At this writing, all we know is the name of the dead shooter, that he was about to be deployed to Iraq and was not too happy about it, and that his job in the army was in the area of mental health – a psychiatrist no less.

There was one commenter on the news website that actually sums up everything that I think about the commentary that has taken place in the aftermath of this criminal act:

“What the heck is so wrong with so many of you?”


Marsha said...

OK, I was about 3 hours
short of a double major in Phsy.,I got bored. My personal opinion of the shrinks motives: he was scared spit-less. He has been listening to the horror stories from the returning soldiers for about a year. He snapped from fear of what he anticipated as being his future and couldn't bare it. A brother said he had been taunted by staff. It may have been a get them before they get me OR I will shoot them now and save them from all the terror they will soon face. Remember even though he was a Major, he wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed.

Scott in South Austin said...

We as a nation are suffering. War hurts everyone. I am not going to judge anyone in this event. But at the end of the day we suffered as much as single day in Afghanistan.

I think the assaliant is hurting as much as this nation. War is tiring, it sucks, and we should think about it before we commence the event.

Good night from Austin. Kiss your children.

bob said...

The likes of Wolf Blitzer, during CNN's live coverage, didn't do anything but fan the lunaflames. He jumped to fring-ish conclusion after conclusion. Usually he would make an outlandish statement based on no known fact and then just say, to whomever he was interviewing, "General?"

All the better to get juicy non-fact-based quotes that any Wolfster could be proud of.