Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What is So Special About Anti-Abortion Opinions?

I’ve been thinking about this ever since the Stupak-Pitts Amendment was foisted on a noble effort to pass healthcare reform in the House of Representatives. What is it about this single moral/religious opinion that it is raised above all other ethical opinions of any kind?

What is it about objection to expenditure of federal funding for abortions that makes it any more important than my objection to expenditure of federal funds for, say, the murder of innocent Afghanis and Pakistanis in our war to exterminate the Taliban, and all that stand in the way?

Why can’t I have my way and get federal funding eliminated from the ending of these lives? Lives that are truly alive-and-walking-around lives and not "potential lives?"

Why is it that we are heeding the hue and cry of evangelicals who have a religious doctrine about when the beginning of life is, and bending over backwards to kiss Mother Earth herself to give these people what they shriek at the tops of their lungs for?

It doesn’t make any sense.

Polls show that just as many people in this country label themselves as Pro-Choice as they do Anti-Abortion. Yes, it is about evenly split at 45% Pro to 45% Anti. So why are we catering to these people?

I’ll bet that I can get more people to agree with me that we oughtn’t kill innocent civilians in Pakistan and Afghanistan, than any given opposition can gather people who want to allow the Predators and their Hellfire missiles to mow these people down without mercy.

Let me go one better. The C Street facility that some of our senators and congressmen were staying at, at a very low price has just been taken off the tax-free rolls. The C Street townhouse was listed as a church. As a church, they paid no property taxes. This leaves me to wonder why religious facilities of any kind are tax-free. Don’t people drive on public streets - built and maintained by tax dollars - to attend church?

In short, why are we listening to evangelicals tell us how we should spend federal dollars – and what not to spend our federal dollars - when their institutions don’t contribute a single red cent to the federal treasury?

Who are these people anyway?

They remind me of my ex-brother-in-law. Full of advice on what you can do with your money, but not very forthcoming with any cash because the bum won’t look for a job.

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