Friday, November 27, 2009

The US Secret Service Meet Reality TV

I never could understand what the draw was for so-called reality TV shows. Reality TV, to me, is just another oxymoron. It draws the oddest people to it. The least real people you will ever meet want to be on reality TV.

Reality TV creates nothing of value. It is the pocket lint of the airwaves.

But this time, maybe, reality TV has served a purpose.

I’ve been unusually concerned about the safety of the First Family. The level of angst and anger against them has gone through the roof, although most of these people are harmless hooligans who simply want to get some face time with video cameras so they can get on You Tube, or better yet the news.

But there are some real twisted people out there. People who really have no respect for human life and might want some notoriety for themselves. People like this are the people that agents of the US Secret Service are supposed to place themselves in front of.

But security broke down at the recent state dinner and a couple trying out for a reality TV show pulled a stunt and got through security without having shown anyone an invitation.. Without going into it, the Secret Service is now saying that their “procedures weren’t being followed.”

So not only are the party crashers getting lots of TV exposure, so is the Secret Service. The Secret Service is getting plenty of exposure for doing something wrong.

And this couldn’t have come at a better time.

My guess is that the laxity that allowed two individuals to come inside a supposedly secure area is gone forever. After being caught red-handed at not properly protecting the president, my guess is that there will be a re-imposition of security measures that will prevent any repeat of this. It’s possible that the First Family might have to suffer through a little more inconvenience as a result, but their security is paramount.

Yes security at the White House was breached and uninvited guests got in. But thanks to reality TV, this odder than odd couple were harmless aspirants of fame, and nothing bad happened.

This time.

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