Saturday, November 21, 2009

Senate Healthcare Vote: Voinovich (R - Ohio) Votes Absent

I am aghast. Senator Voinovich failed to vote against the Reid bill to bring healthcare reform finally to the US Senate’s attention and debate.

The vote was 60 to 39.

Not 60 to 40.

Voinovich (R - Ohio) voted absent. Said Senator Voinovich on his position:

“Additionally, I cannot support Sen. Reid's proposal because I believe any health reform bill must protect all human life from conception to natural death and am adamantly against allowing federal funding for abortions.”

He could not support the bill so much that he had to be absent not to vote against it.


Ohio is a swing state. Voinovich is on the cutting edge.

A vote for Reid’s bill is a vote for abortion. A vote against Reid’s bill is a vote against abortion. Voinovich votes . . . nothing.

Conclusion. Voinovich hasn’t a single idea how his state will opt in the abortion issue.

I do.

The Senator only needs to give me a call. I’ll clue him in on the mystery.

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