Thursday, September 11, 2008

Chris Bell Has a Stalking Horse Opponent in the SD 17 Special Election

Republicans love their little jokes. Like when Rush Limbaugh exhorted his ditto-heads to go out and vote for Hillary Clinton in the Texas primary. Like when a man named Tom Morrison ran in the CD 22 2004 contest as a Libertarian against Tom DeLay and Richard Morrison, the Democrat on the ballot, giving TV stations the opportunity to announce that Richard Morrison was a Libertarian.

I could go on and on.

And now, it appears that Tom Craddick ally, former Democratic State Rep. Ron Wilson has recruited a woman to run in the special election. A black woman.

Wilson even escorted Simmons to file her candidacy papers and paid her filing fees.

Stephanie Simmons filed to run in the SD 17 special election minutes before filing deadline on August 29th. A day earlier she filed an address change on her voter registration from her former residence outside of SD 17’s boundaries, to Missouri City.

Chris Bell filed suit. The candidate, he argued, had not lived within the district for a year as is required by state law.

Yet the woman claims to have moved to her present address on November 2nd 2007, just enough to qualify for a 1 year residency within the district, and testified to that effect in court.

The judge didn’t believe her story.

But that didn’t prevent him from dismissing Bell’s case. Case dismissed, said the judge, because Bell’s team failed to produce “single witness or piece of paper.”

So it’s OK to lie under oath in court, as long as you get away with it. What the heck, what’s good for Scooter Libby should be good for Stephanie Simmons.

Simmons’ lawyer fees, by the way, were paid by Ron Wilson.

This is such blatant manipulation. So very Republican in every aspect. Just as the McCain campaign has recruited a woman to be his VP running mate, in hopes of garnering the votes of some former Hillary supporters, Ron Wilson and Tom Craddick think that by putting a black woman on the ballot that African-American voters in SD 17 will flock to the polls and vote for the black candidate.

Polls have shown that McCain’s gambit has failed. Democratic women realize that a vote for McCain/Palin runs against their own self interests. SD 17 residents likewise realize that this candidate is a sham, someone put up by Republicans, a stalking horse to dilute the Democratic votes for Bell.

Bell will not appeal the decision. Justice is simply something that is not delivered in Texas . . . yet. So this will stand and Simmons’ name will remain on the ballot.

But one thing this day in court produced was a public look under the rock that Republicans live under. Light was cast on them as they scurried about in their exoskeletons doing their best to look like honest upstanding citizens.

All along knowing that the truth is out.


Anonymous said...


I'm not a democrat, but can certainly understand the Bell position. During the local, state and national elections we've had the opportunity to see just how far neocons in the republican party will go for victory including changing polling places, mirror ing issues, stuffing virtual ballot boxes and lying under oath and to the media (ala Rovian style).

Nothing is below this elite controlled business group. Of course given the same opportunity they would do this (and have in the past) to the other major party. It's time for more major parties and choices to emerge and stop the federally subsidized monopoly strongly assisted by the major corporates. The neocontrolled-republicans are fascist and need to get thumped good and hard this election cycle!

Anonymous said...

Amen to that!