Monday, July 30, 2007

Analysis: Why Does AG Gonzales Stay?

I signed a digital petition demanding that AG Alberto Gonzales resign. I have no expectations that he will, although I have no idea why he stays.

Even Newt Gingrich says that he should resign, that AG Gonzales has issues with saying the truth, and that it is “a liability for the president”. On the same piece an APB was sent out for White House officials and Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee to defend Gonzales on the show: “we had no takers”.

But I have to ask myself, if Gonzales is so obviously a “liability for the president” why then does Bush tolerate his continued presence? Is he stupid? Is he stubborn? Why won’t he listen to anyone? Gonzales is completely marginalized.

There are those who say that Gonzales is staying put because Bush is waiting for Congress to go on vacation. Or that he is staying because Bush doesn't think he can get another one confirmed by the Senate. Indeed, I have said that he is waiting until next year when he can move Texas Senator John Cornyn into the job so that he can replace Cornyn with a stronger candidate - and add to that, that this would be done after the March primary.

All of these are possible.

Having seen Gonzales face questions from the Senate Judiciary Committee last week, Gonzales very much looked like someone who would rather be doing just about anything else. Very clearly he is being asked to stay in the job.

Bear with me, I’m just looking for a pattern. The only pattern that emerges is one in which the Bush Regime will do just about anything to upset as many people as they possibly can: friends and foe alike. This is strange to us because we haven’t seen anything like this in almost a century and a half.

The last time we had a president who bent over backwards to piss everybody off was when we had a man named Andrew Johnson in the White House. History is very kind to Johnson, and he is usually painted as the guy in the right battling a radical congress. In truth, Andrew Johnson had a sour disposition and went out of his way to offend everyone.

They even impeached him.

So for whatever reason, for the time being Gonzales is staying. But mark my words if and when he goes the last thing you will see is a Bush Regime that appears to be backing down.

That's just not their style.


Anonymous said...

Why would Cornyn want to be AG for less than a year, if what you say is going to happen happens? What does he have to gain in the long-term by giving up a pretty solid shot at being re-elected in favor of a short-term job that isn't generally considered to be a stepping stone to anything? (RFK being the exception)

Hal said...

I guess it all depends on whether you think he can win this horse race or not. If you have grave doubts, then the best thing to do is switch horses since he's out of a job in January anyway.

Mike Licht, said...

Don't ask why Alberto R. Gonzales is still Attorney General. Ask why he is still permitted to practice law.

As a former resident of Austin, I certainly know you’ve got to go pretty low to disgrace the practice of law in Texas, but I am still amazed that Alberto R. Gonzales has not been disbarred or censured by the Texas Bar Association.

Texans: tell your attorney to have the Texas Bar Association institute disciplinary proceedings against Alberto R. Gonzales for bringing shame and disgrace upon their membership and profession.

Texas Attorneys: have the Texas Bar Association institute disciplinary proceedings against Alberto R. Gonzales for bringing shame and disgrace upon the membership and profession. You know he’ll dust off his Texas shingle when he gets booted out of Washington. Don’t wait until then to act.

Mike Licht
Washington, DC

Anonymous said...

Andrew Johnson's impeachment trial took place only one year before his term expired. Of course he was impeached by Republicans. You could have noted that he was acquitted in the Senate by 1 lone vote and was later vindicated by the Supreme Court. Of course he hadn't a hope of being nominated for another term by the Republicans--duh.