Thursday, July 19, 2007

Support ActBlue, Support Rick Noriega, Contribute On Blogosphere Day

On this 4th anniversary of the discovery of the power of Netroots in campaign fundraising, I think it’s appropriate that we all support ActBlue. Maybe a Lincoln or a Hamilton is all it takes. This organization laid the groundwork for a new way to facilitate donations to campaigns and they work strictly off donations.

A great way to celebrate Blogosphere Day is to go to Rick Noriega’s ActBlue donation site and leave a donation to support his campaign. Click here or on the “Join Team Noriega” banner on the left.

After leaving your donation for Rick’s exploration committee, scroll down and leave a tip for ActBlue. They’re doing the work that it is going to take to get rid of the rascals that have gotten us in this horrible mess: endless war, spiraling deficit, torture and loss of liberty.

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