Monday, July 02, 2007

Blogswarm! Rick Noriega For US Senate From Texas!

Texas bloggers (and not so Texas bloggers) have been talking up Rick Noriega as a senatorial candidate for some time now. An older Draft Rick and a newer Draft Rick Noriega website were launched. They are also seen posting on Stop Cornyn. But look what happened yesterday and today.

Noriega Blogswarm:

Bay Area Houston recalls how he first met Rick at a rally to protest building a toxic rail line.

Susan at Kiss My Big Blue Butt is ecstatic about Bubba’s letter and has, for the very first time in her 15 years of “not blogging" endorsed a candidate on her website.

muse, posting at Musings and cross posting at Off the Kuff (because Kuffner has serious mung – get better Kuff, pneumonia is bad news) gives the short version of the weekend events.

Matt Glazer posted the long version at BOR and Daily Kos.

Dos Centavos was particularly taken by Don’s reference to Rick Noriega being a symbol of hope and promise to Hispanics in Texas and all over America.

Eye on Williamson also gave the long version with links to the Selby article in AAS.

Texas Observer added to the buzz on the 29th with the observation that Rick Noriega has expertise in two areas that Cornyn would normally be able to bully an opponent over,

From the borderland, South Texas Chisme carries the news to The Valley.

An Enduring Democratic Majority thinks Rick’s announcement of an exploratory committee is awesome, absolutely awesome.

Swing State Project brings its national audience to Rick Noriega’s announcement, as well as the promises of both active campaigns to play nice, and to “let the games begin”.

Texas Weekly has a rundown on Rick’s Mid-Cities Democrats announcement and a respectable collection of links on the story.

Senate Guru, a blog that specializes in senatorial races, also picked up on the news.

And last but not certainly least? Howling Latina has a posting on Rick Noriega. Now get this: this is a Virginia blog. The excitement is spreading.


CouldBeTrue said...

South Texas Chisme has a couple of posts up, too.

Rick Noriega is running! and


Hal said...

Gotcha covered Couldbetrue. Sixth from the bottom. You've been doing a great job spreading the word in the valley.