Monday, July 16, 2007

FEC Filings Are Up (Sort Of)

We have some hard data on political contributions for the 2nd quarter up now at the FEC. I wanted to find out who were Mikal Watts’ monetary supporters only to be disappointed in not finding any records for a Texas Democratic candidate for US Senate other than Barbara Ann Radnofsky and Ken Bentsen.

Nope, nothing there yet on Watts.

So I decided to take a look at the congressional candidates in Texas CD 22.

First, my favorite foul-up, Dr. Shelley Sekula Gibbs, M.D.

It seems Shelley is still being carried by the Republican Party’s RNCC. In the first quarter, the RNCC spent nearly $93,000 on behalf of Sekula Gibbs. That doesn’t go down in her contributor’s list but it’s nice to see anyway. PACs and institutions seem to be taking a wait and see stance, as she logs only $7750 from three of them, the biggest check being from a Dermatologist PAC. Individual contributions total $169,996, with 23 of them listed for a total of $25,510. Eleven of these were from fellow medicos. Other individual contributors include Bob Perry and his wife, kicking in $4600 apiece, and Dean Hrbacek, who probably would like that $1000 check back now that he’s thinking of running also.

And speaking of self-funding a campaign, now I come to find out that the 2nd highest Republican campaign fund in CD 22 was that of Giannibicego Hoa Tran who loaned herself $34,796, repaid the loan and is still in debt to the tune of over $17,000. I wonder how many anti-nuclear bomb elixirs she was able to sell as a result of her candidacy.

Other GOPers on the list include Pat Baig, Tom DeLay, Bob Talton and David Wallace. DeLay’s filing, as expected, doesn’t add up. Undeclared Bob Talton filed a report filled with zeros, and Un-un-declared David Wallace has $23 in cash on hand.

So, SSG excepting, it’s looking pretty grim for Republicans.

It’s a different story for Nick Lampson. Nick logs $191,629 in individual contribution and lists those from 61 individuals who contributed $81,950. The vast majority of these are attorneys. Group/PAC contributions to a total of 3 committees (one principal, two authorized) total $314,120. Those groups listed in the three committees contributed a total of $225,950. It looks like Nick has a lot of support from labor unions. Energy companies weigh in as well, with one notable $2000 check from Dick Cheney’s favorite corporation, Halliburton.

So it looks like Nick has taken in just over $505,000 so far, with 60 percent from large individual contributors and PACs and the rest, 40 percent from those who contributed below the individual report level.

A far cry from the days of DeLay.

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Anonymous said...

Wallace's total would have been larger if he could have listed the hundreds of thousands of dollars in "pledges" he "received." Problem was the dead President on all that putative money turned out to be Jefferson Davis.